Hampton Falls Veterans
Memorial Bandstand
Governor Weare Common
Built - 2000

Hampton Falls was once part of the town of Hampton but went on its own in 1726. Many visitors to the town remark that it is a picture-perfect postcard example of New England since many old buildings still stand as a testament to its colorful past. Once you leave the central area of the town, you will follow winding country roads that will bring you past sprawling farms with well-kept farmhouses since the residents take great pride in their area. The changing of the seasons also brings many people to the town to visit and pick through the abundant apple and berry orchards throughout the countryside.
The residents are also very proud of its well-kept Governor Weare Common in the center of the town and of its fairly new Colonial bandstand built in the bi-centennial year of 2000. The structure planning began four years prior to its building with continuous private funding drives organized by the town's Bandstand Committee with Elaine Winn as the Chairperson with a maintenance fund set up to keep it looking great.
The bandstand was completed and dedicated on June 3rd with special ceremony with the town's first concert being held on the new Hampton Falls Veterans'Memorial Bandstand following the dedication. Thus, through the very diligent efforts of the Bandstand Committee and many yard sales, raffles and direct solicitations, the dream became a reality for residents and visitors to the town. Hampton Falls has had very nice Concerts on the Common during the summer months but several people had remarked hownice it would be to have a bandstand....... and the rest is history.
One look at the structure and you realize just how much tender loving care went into its final product. In keeping with the decor of the buildings in the town, a Colonial style was chosen and from the base of the building to the very top cupola, which is comprised of a gold-leafed ball, personally glazed by Mrs. Winn, the structure is a real beauty and one that the citizens of the town will be proud of for many years to come.
In its very short existence, the bandstand has already played host to numerous concerts with well known performers from the area and many community events including graduations, Memorial Day services, weddings, 10k races and Christmas tree lightings. Also on September 14, 2001, a special candlelight vigil took place on and around the bandstand attended by 3/4 of the town following the infamous terrorist attack of September 11th. Thus the bandstand is now the town's focal point during special events and concerts through the dilligent effort of the Bandstand Committee and many generous local groups and individuals who could see the importance of such a structure coming to fruition in the town and also a very special gift for the town's 275th birthday.
Elaine B. Winn, Chairperson
Bandstand Committee

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