Van Surdam Bandstand
Wood Memorial Park
Built - 1976

The bustling town of Hoosick Falls, NY is in the eastern part of the state very close to the Vermont border and Bennington. Hoosick Falls' claim to fame is that it is the town where Anna Mary Robertson Moses lived most of her life and is her final resting place, having dies on December 13, 1961. Anna is better known as "Grandma Moses," her name being synonymous with folk painting. Her paintings are recognized world-wide and are popular for her naive documentation of U. S. rural life in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Her first pictures were sold in a drugstore right in Hoosick Falls and the citizens of the town are very proud that she was a resident there for so many years.
Hoosick Falls is also very proud of their band - The Hoosick Falls Community Band which was first established in 1878 and have rarelymissed a band concert during any particular summer since its inception. The original band for the town was the 32nd Company Band from the local Armory from whence came the Van Surdam Military Band in 1930 then a continuation of the band to the Hoosick Falls Community Band in 1972.
In 1976 a beautiful Victorian gazebo bandstand was built by Charles Geier and Hugh Harrington in Wood Memorial Park replacing one built in 1930 which was deemed too small over the years and had deteriorated to the point where it was no longer safe to use. The original bandstand was built during the country's VPA Program.
The present bandstand is called the Van Surdam Bandstand named after the 1930 Music Director Henerson Van Surdam. Some years later, when Mr. Van Surdam's son, Harry, had a plaque made and affixed near the bandstand to honor his father. Harry made a name for himself while a football coach at Weslyian College since he developed the forward pass.
The Van Surdam Bandstand was funded by local donations and when bids went out for the construction of the structure, the range went from $11,000 to $32,000 with the town settling on the lowest bid. Upon completion of the structure and beautiful sound system, a special town dedication was held.
On every Wednesday evening at 8pm during July and August, one can enjoy the melodious tones reverberating from the bandstand by the Hoosick Falls Community Band with the concerts always being free and open to the public.

Bill Gaillard
Music Director & Conductor

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