Huntington Town Common
Built - 1987

The bedroom community of Huntington is fondly referred to locally as "The Gateway to the Berkshires." The town's rural character and natural resources gives a great sense of pride to its residents. It is located in an area of varied topography with narrow valleys through which streams and rivers flow and with hills that reach over 1400 feet in altitude. The area has approximately 70 of its acres contained in Gardner State Park. Due to the rough waters of the river that flows through town limits, in early spring the oldest continuously run whitewater race in the United States is held.
Hungtington's bandstand, or "gazebo" is a rather small structure built in 1987 on their town common by citizens of the town as part of the town common rehabilitation project with a grant received from the state. Due to the small stature of the structure, it is mainly used as a stage for community events on or about the bandstand but is still considered to be an important part of the town.

Pamela G. Donovan-Hare Town Clerk

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