Irasburg Common
Built - c. 1889

The small and quiet Vermont town of Irasburg was named for Ira Allen who initially settled in the area with his wife Jerusha who became one of the first Vermont women to have her name as a grantee of land when after their marriage, Ira transferred title of all Irasburg to her. In later years, Jersha stated that at the time of his wedding gift, she didn't think it was "worth a rush!!!"
Little is known about Irasburg's bandstand which sits in a very large common area other than it was built and first used probably in 1889 by Irasburg's Cornet Band. The high structure was built for their band concerts which took place on many summer days or evenings during the time with also visiting bands playing there in the 1920s. The use of the bandstand ended sometime after that decade with the structure only being used now on occasion for weddings, annual church fairs and other community events but still stands proudly after well over a hundred years of use.

Betsy Inkel, Town Clerk

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