Lakeside Park
Built - 1986

The town of Island Pond was originally named Brighton but is now considered to have Island Pond as its true name. The pond near the center of town, originally known as Knowltin Lake, has 22 acres of island in the center of the two-mile long pond. The town has steadily grown since the early 1800s due to the railroad running through it with land and lumber companies in abundance. Today the streets of the town are much quieter without railroad men and loggers from around the area since the 13 railroad tracks that once passed through are down to two and the large roundhouse that once housed the engines is now a lumber storage yard. History still remains in its Train Station where one can visit the historic museum and see pictures from the past. The area still has its wilderness, mountains, fast running rivers and streams and numerous logging roads.
Island Pond's "gazebo" was built in 1986 in Lakeside Park and is the town's first and built by local church groups mostly for people to sit in. The structure was part of a park project paid for by state funding. Local church groups are the ones who use it the most for numerous church and small community events since the structure is rather small and cannot hold too many people at one time.

Margaret Castinguay, Asst Town Clerk

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