Bandstand Park
Built - 1955

Lyndonville, Vermont is located in the northeast part of Vermont and was founded in 1780. The town covers 6 square miles of rolling meadows and is surrounded by hills. It is a regular stop for tourists being the home of 5 of Vermont's covered bridges as well as a place to explore the past. The town has several industries and is world famous for the "Big Balm" which is ointment and dilators for the healing of cows, horses and other domestic animals.
Bandstand Park, originally called Depot Park, emerged from a parcel of land where potatoes once grew and a village dump flourished. In 1880, the east side of the park was cleaned up with an 11-foot high foundation strategically placed in thisnew park. In the 1890s, the Village Improvement Society took on the major responsibility of caring for the park planting Elm trees, flower beds and installing ornamental iron lamps. A wonderful bandstand had been bult previously, standing at Depot or Railroad Park on Broad Street, prior to the park's emergence and moved to this site. It was finally replaced by the current bandstand in 1955 which has been used extensively since for a venue for concerts with its headliner being the Lyndonville Military Band which has been under different names since 1867 and still active to this date. Thus for over 100 years, weekly outdoor band concerts have been popular in Bandstand Park and has been a summertime tradition for the town drawing many large crouds of citizens and visitors.

Cheryl McMahon, Secretary
Lyndon Chamber of Commerce

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