Shops of Malta
Built - 1992

The town of Malta is located on Interstate #87 in Saratoga County 10 miles south of historical Saratoga Springs and 20 miles north of the New York state capital of Albany. It was originally settled by the Mohawk and Mochican Tribes until around 1774 when Michael Dunning and his family became the first American settlers. They set up their homestead around the bands of the Round Lake which was then known as Lake Tanendahowa. A malt brewery was set up in those early days bringing the name Maltaville and eventually Malta.
Mr. Dunning set up a tract of land where the America militia would train annually and then go on and fight in the Revolutionary War and later the War of 1812 and Civil War. The town was not officially established until 1802 but by that time had several saw and grist mills along with a woolen mill. Also wagon and carriage shops, many inns and two hotels were established. Round Lake became a very popular resort later on in the 1860s and several Methodist camp meetings were held there. In 1888 the camp site purchased a wooden Ferris-Tracker organ, originally built in 1847, and is considered to be the largest and oldest of its type in existence today.
The beautifully built bandstand of the town was built in the early 1990s by the Shops of Malta owners and developers in the downtown area of the town. It has since been used extensively by the town during the summer months and on special occasions and holidays with the structure containing historical markers about the downtown area.

Town of Malta, Town Clerk's Office

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