The Natick Gazebo
Natick Common
Buuilt - 1960

Natick's town slogan is the "Home of Champions" since they boast several historic residents as hometown natives including Henry Wilson, who first established one of the many shoe factories in the town, then later going into politics and becoming Vice President under Ulysses S. Grant. The famous author Harriet Beecher Stowe who authored "Old Town Folks," and "Uncle Tom's Cabin," resided in the town at one time. Other known authors such as Alexander Wheelock Thayer who wrote the definitive biography of Ludwig Von Beethoven and Horation Alger Jr., minister and author of childrens' books which had a "rags to riches" theme, grew up in Natick.
Not only is the town very proud of its famous residents, but also has a warm spot for their bandstand "The Gazebo," located on their common area right in the heart of downtown Natick Center. The bandstand has stood for many years now and has been extensively used during the summer months for band concerts and other public functions.
The town was able to have its bandstand funded prior to its construction in 1960 from state funds for municipal commons improvements with the check handed to town officials by then Governor Michael Dukakis. The only problesm encountered since that time is the fact that the bandstand is not handicapped accessible.
Former pro New England Patriots quarterback and former resident, Doug Flutie, has visited and spoken from the bandstand and his "Doug Flutie Foundation Band" has performed on it along with other notable bands such as the Shaw Brothers Band, and Summer Street Band, and others.

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