The North Hampton Bandstand
North Hill Common
Built - 1996

In 1639 the town of North Hampton was known as North Hill or North Parish and part of Hampton until the residents petitioned for separation which did finally come about in 1742. The town was always a quiet one but has become increasingly popular in New England due to the fine surfing on North Hampton Beach which is a stretch of land that is a natural coastal setting and just north of the very large and populated Hampton Beach. The town is also the birthplace of General Henry Dearborn who was the Commander-in-Chief of all American forces during the War of 1812 and of whom Fort Dearborn (Chicago and Dearborn, Michigan) are named after.
The town's bandstand was built in 1996 on the North Hill Common which intersects Rtes #111 and #151 in the center of town and is the first North Hampton has had. The structure was built by the Southwick Construction Company located in the town and supervised by the Friends of the North Hampton Bandstand.
The bandstand was built as a gathering place for residents and visitors to the town and for concerts paid for by private funds. The opening dedication ceremony was held on June 22, 1996 with speakers and local bands and has since hosted at least 12 concerts every summer along with Old Home festivities, DARE graduations, pre-school use, graduation exercises and other public uses. During political years, politicians do visit the town and speak on the bandstand during concerts.
Delores Chase, President
Friends of the North Hampton Bandstand

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