Built - 2001

The rural town of North Yarmouth is located about 15 miles north of Portland and is surrounded by rolling hills and vacant pastures which once served the local farmers in the area well. It is a very laid-back community with the town government run mostly by volunteers. Its selectmen recently revived a very old tradition of walking the town lines to make sure that the old granite markers etched with an "NY" are still standing and of which are reminders of the days when many quarries flourished here.
The town's bandstand is relatively new, being built in 2001 due to a joint effort of the citizens of the town and their fire department who contributed many long hours of volunteer labor at a cost to the town of $12,000.
During that year, on a warm August evening, over 300 folks turned out for the first concert on their new structure. The audience was mixed with both young and old all turning out to support their new bandstand with music provided by musicians Dan Merrill, who grew up in the town, Brian Johnson and Barney Martin.

"Lest We Forget" - author Barbara Merrill Fox

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