Northborough Athletic Field
Built - 1993

The town of Northborough was originally part of the towns of Marlborough and Westborough until it became incorporated in 1766. Town meetings were held at the famous Post Road's State Stop and Monroe's Tavern which now still stands on the spot to which it was removed in 1867. Commemorative plaques, along the Old Boston Post Road, can be found which outlines historical events of the town including the place where Mary Goodnow, a young Northborough settler, was scalped by Indians in 1707. Numerous mills are still scattered along the Assabet River marking the places where the area's industry once boomed, ebbed and finally died. Today the town serves primarily as a residential area but research and development industrial parks have been developed.
The town had their bandstand built in 1993 by a group of local Assabet Valley Vocational High School students who had a propensity in carpentry. Thus this project not only fulfilled a wish of the town to have a structure for the residents to gather in and enjoy concerts and other social functions, but also brought about a real-life working project for the students. The labor costs were thus kept down to the point that the town was able to afford this new structure which turned out to be a very sturdily-built one. The town had a large area of land for the bandstand in the town's athletic field, and along with this wealth of young talent from the student body, the final product was of pure beauty and brought about a sense of pride from the students who had taken part in this project for their community.
As far as it is known, this bandstand is the second one the town has had with the first one being built on a smaller tract of land called Assabet Park.

Angela Comacchioli Snell, Director
Recreation and Park Services

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