The Gazebo
Pollard Park
Built - 1977

The town of Plaistow is located in the southeast corner of the state and was established in 1646. Its boundaries were never clearly drawn until over 100 years later which brought about many disputes during that period but when King George II signed the charter for the town, questions were finally addressed. The town's original name was "Plastow" but changed years later when an "i" was added making it only the world's second town with that name with the other one located outside of London, England.
Plaistow's history is one of 200 years of hard-working farmers, shoe workers, wood healers, clerks and tradesmen with an ever-increasing population rise over its many years of incorporation.
"The Gazebo" stands proudly in Pollard Park being built in 1977 by the Plaistow Lions Club for the town's use and enjoyment. It was financed by the generosity of many of its residents, businessmen and Lions Club members and the project to have it built was a total community effort. The town had had another bandstand that was built in 1908 as a gift of a great town benefactor, Arthur Pollard, that was built by Robert Hunkins and Gage Day that had been moved across the street later being converted to a barbershop then torn down.
The town had a special dedication in 1977 where "King Lion" presented the structure to the selectmen of the town in a very rousing ceremony followed by a band concert. Since that time, every summer the Recreation Department has had a program of at least 6 weeks of weekly concerts where country and western, blues, jazz, community bands and the Army Band have performed onstage. Other special events have included Plaistow's Old Home Day, weddings, Girl Scout "fly-up" ceremonies and peace doves are flown from the bandstand and adorned with lights and mittens used as decorations and then given as donations to needy children. The most important event to date has been the 911 Memorial Service held by the Lions Club, and VIP Senator John Sununu attended one of the Old Home Days.
Ruth E. Jeanne, Executive Secretary

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