Memorial Park Beach Bandstand
Memorial Park
Built - 1986

The town of Sharon was established in 1740 as a part of Stoughton then incorporated as the town of Stoughtonham in 1765 and later renamed Sharon in 1783. The area was a popular hunting and fishing one for the Native Americans for hundreds of years before British settlers arrived in 1637. Then during the American Revolution, the townspeople contributed to the campaign by making cannonballs for the Continental Army on the shores of Lake Massapoag or the "Great Pond" at the Stoughtonham Furnace and hidden away at a nearby gunhouse on Gunhouse Street. They were then subsequently sent to Dorchester Heights to be used in battle against the British troops.
From the 1800s until the 1940s, Sharon was a summer resort where people would come to relax and stay at inns and hotels and enjoy the clean air in the 2,250 acre Massachusetts Audubon Moose Hill Wildlife Sanctuary and Borderland State Park. A welcome sign in Office Square proclaims that Sharon is "a nice place to live because it's naturally beautiful," with the town's motto being that "Lake Massapoag - the treasure of Sharon - for its fun, beauty and peacefulness."
Lake Massapoag is a large body of water known for its beauty and many activities including its fishing, swimming, fireworks displays and also for its great concerts at the Memorial Park Beach Bandstand which was built right on the shore of the lake. The bandstand is a large open-air structure which brings more people to the waterfront to enjoy the town's beauty and historic lake.
The bandstand was built in 1986 by volunteers who lived in Sharon with the cost approximately $10,000 funded through an appropriation at a town meeting. The bandstand was designed to hold up to 80 people on the stage with special ramps incuded for people with handicaps. The bandstand was also fitted with lighting for evening performances and concerts and most of the outdoor community events of the town. The summer concert series includes 7 performances each season along with varied theatrical performances and the number of groups which have used the bandstand so far numbers over 100 to date. Along with wonderful music emanating from the stage, people enjoy boat rides, concession stands and, of course, the great view of the lake directly in front of them. Summer events include also a battle of the bands, 4th of July events, rallys, Triathlon and road race aware ceremonies and Veterans and Memorial Day observances. The bandstand is Sharon's first and with the list of performances and events, has served an integral part in the function of community affairs and events.

David I. Clifton, Director
Recreation Department

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