Sharon Congregational Church Grounds
Built - 1933

The original settlers and the town's grantees had originated from Sharon, Connecticut and decided to name this new Vermonth town the same. In biblical times, Palestine's Plain of Sharon was celebrated for its fertility and where the youth, David, tended his sheep. Since this new settlement has the White River flowing more or less through the town's center ,and was well suited for farming, these new settlers felt the name fitting. Sharon is also the birthplace of Joseph Smith who was the founder of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (The Mormons) for whom there is a monument for in the town.
Sharon's bandstand is located on the Sharon Congregational Church grounds built in 1933 after original one fell into disrepair. The Minister at that time, Mr. Fisk, lobbied to the town's folk for a replacement which he soon got from donations and materials for the new structure. The boys in the band were the ones who erected this new bandstand which has now stood for many years braving the harsh New England winters.

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