Shelburne Bandstand
Shelburne Elementary School Campus
Built - 1969

The town of Shelburne is nestled in the foothills of the Berkshires and is within an easy driving distance from either New York, Hartford or Boston. It is located in one of the most beautiful areas of New England and its residents are particularly proud of the upkeep and restoration of the town's major attraction - The Bridge of Flowers. This famous bridge was a former 400-foot trolley bridge which spans the Deerfield River in Shelburne Falls and was built in 1908. It was transformed into an attraction including flower beds of 500 varieties of plantings from April tulips thru chrysanthemums of fall in October and has been tended since 1929 by the Shelburne Falls Womens Club.
Just over on the other side of the river and within walking distance, is a hydroelectric dam which reveals an incredible geological find. Over 50 ancient glacial potholes dot this natural wonder and the variety of shades which have been produced by thousands of years of whirlpool action of water make it one of the many spectacular sights of New England and a must see for geology students and nature enthusiasts.
Once a favorite fishing spot for Native American Indians and early settlers, Salmon Falls, or now known as Shelburne Falls, draws many thousands of visitors a year who enjoy this natural wonder along with the many specialty shops, artisans and more who have set up their businesses in the downtown area.
Construction of the Shelburne Bandstand began in 1969 and was dedicated in a special celebration in June of 1970. The bandshell was totally financed by the local Kiwanis Club who saw the need for a permanent structure for the community and for the Shelburne Falls Military Band which has been in existence since 1885. The cost ran at $10,000 and was built by Walt Donelson who was one of the band's percussionists. Its location is on the campus of the town's elementary school where there is an abundance of land but the "real" bandshell, as quoted by Mr. Donelson, has the special feature of being able to be moved if needed.
The military bnad has been delighted with the bandshell over the past years and has a good number of concerts during the summer season with the shell also playing host to weddings and other social functions as well as a special 25th anniversary concert in 1995.

Steve Damon, Conductor
Shelburne Falls Military Band

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