Southbury Green
Built - 1997

The town of Southbury is located quite conveniently close to both Hartford, Connecticut and New York City. Its rather beautiful and unique bandstand was built in 1997 and is of a Greek Revival style on Southbury Green. It is the first one the town has had and was built by Southbury 84 Associates with Bennett Sullivan Associates as the architect of this marvelous structure. It was designed as an aesthetically pleasing building and is part of the Southbury Green Planned Development District for the town and financed by the builder.
The bandstand has played host to many summer concert series in its short existence along with craft fairs and Garden Club events. Richard Blumenthal, the Connecticut Attorney General and Susan Bysiewicz, the Secretary of State, have made speeches from the stage and a Democratic rally was held in 2001. The bandstand was also decorated with yellow ribbons for the soldiers at war by a group of volunteers as well as the nearby Main Street.
Jessica Karkut, Director
Research & Unique Buildings aka Summer Intern

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