The Gazebo
Hotaling Park
Built - 2000

Voorheesville is a village in Albany County, NY named after a railroad attorney, Alonzo B. Voorhees. It was originally settled by farmers in the early 19th century with the town really emerging after two railroad lines were built converging in the area with the town growing up around it and incorporated in 1899. In those early days, Voorheesville was somewhat of a tourist attraction and stop for weary travelers.
The town's bandstand is the first one they have had and was built in 2000 on Hotaling Park by the local Kiwanis Club's donation to the community and the village of Voorheesville for upgrades. David Hopper was the architect with the New Scotland Kiwanis Club taking part in building the structure. The bandstand has a very distinctive octagonal copper roof which highlights the structure. Local groups and bands play on the bandstand along with wedding ceremonies, picture-taking and other community activities taking place on its stage.
Town of Voorheesville

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