The Hope Hobbs Gazebo
Wells Harbor Community Park
Built - 1990

The beautiful coastal town of Wells is located in the heart of the southern Maine seacoast between the popular resort communities of Ogunquit to the south and Kennebunkport to the north. The area draws countless numbers of vacationers due to its miles of beautiful beaches and scenic coastal routes. So blessed with these tremendous natural resources, Wells initially attracted Native Americans then later European fishermen and traders. The area then developed industrially with Edmund Littlefield establishing permanent mills along the banks of the Webhannet River in 1640. Wells was soon later incorporated in 1640 becoming the state's third town and paving the way for more than 13 generations of independent "Yankees" who strove to make a living on the seas and in the fields.
Known as "The Friendliest Town in Maine," Wells continued their quest to maintain this title by developing the Wells Harbor Community Park in 1990. Here, with a number of volunteers, they established a three-acre park that does not have the lush green grass of most New England city or town common areas, but one with scrub grass and patches of sand and sea grass. This is the area that these men of vision decided what the town would call its town center. Since those early days of vision and hard work, a wonderful area has taken shape where there are park benches and picnic tables near the crushed gravel roads that encircle the field and large pavilion that affords relief from the sun and rain.
The park is also the home of the Hope Fenderson Hobbs Memorial Gazebo that was built the same year the park was developed and is the first one the town has had with its goal to be the venue for many concerts and community events and to preserve the land it is on for many years to come. The structure is one of an "Old Style" and is beautifully built and has a large stage for the bigger bands. The roof is made of steel and has many yards of cement. The front of the structure has rows of benches built on the sandy ground which affords more comfort for the crowds gathered there during the summer months.
The bandstand has become a very important structure to the community and hosts many concerts during the summer months as well as the town's annual Chili Down East Regional Contests, with X-President George Bush Sr. normally attending since he is a summer resident of Kennebunkport. The bandstand also hosts Native American Powwows and many wedding ceremonies and photo opportunities.

Tom Oliver, Co-Chair of Park Overseer

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