West Boylston Veterans Memorial Bandstand
The Common
Built - 1995

West Boylston's bandstand was completed in the summer of 1995 and dedicated on November 11th in memory of the town's past veterans. Since the previous wooden bandstand fell into disrepair and demolished many years prior, the town felt it was time for a new structure. A bandstand committee was thus formed by several interested folks in the town and the money was raised by public donation then a contractor was hired to build the bandstand in The Common with great support from the town government and community.
The bandstand is a large octagonal structure and is very well built. Its special feature is its underground power and water hook-ups.
Each Sunday during the summer months, there are concerts which feature various bands from the area and is run by the Bandstand Concert Committee which includes members of the community. The bandstand has also been used by the Brownies and Girl Scouts for their "Flying-up" ceremony. It is also used by various church groups for different events and also for bridal pictures. The most important event to date of this writing has been the swearing of the new Police Chief on the bandstand.

Patricia Barrie & John McCormick
Bandstand Committee Members

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