Stanley Park Bandstand
Stanley Park
Built - 1981

In 1981, the Stanley Park Bandstand was built in West Fitchburg by the students of Project TERM in a city program to decorate the park for peoples' enjoyment. The bandstand was supported and financed by local merchants of West Fitchburg who saw the need for this outlet in the park.
Years ago in 1882, Stanley Park was bought by James Phillips who owned the Bioli Woolen Mill and the land was used to dispose of the ashes from the mill boiler room. After the land was developed, the mill men would eat their lunches there and Mr. Phillips then decided to build a bandstand for them in the park which was later moved to Coggshell Park in 1901. The bandstand was also built to house the Fitchburg Military Band which was one of the best bands in the state.
The previous bandstand, over the years, had been used by many other local bands and also in the 1890s for political campaigns and historic mockups called "McKinley Cruisers."
Betty Gardner, Researcher
Fitchburg Historical Society

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