Pheasant Bandstand
Fountain Park
Built - 1992

Wilbraham has aspired on remaining a vibrant community still with a beautiful rural setting and large tracts of open space. Numerous fruit orchards also dot their area and the town enjoys the yearly Wilbraham Peach Festival which is over 25 years now, as of this writing.
This Peach Festival has taken place in Fountain Park which is also the location of Wilbraham's Pheasant Bandstand built in 1992. Not only does the bandstand play host to the festival but also is extensively used during summer months for concerts put on by the Wilbraham Nature and Cultural Center.
The bandstand's style is of a "New England' style and was built by Kent Construction who presented the structure to the town solely as a gift by the company. The bandstand has played host to many different bands covering all types of music from jazz to military and is Wilbraham's first one. Fountain Park and the bandstand play host to many of the townspeople who thoroughly enjoy it and the many wonderful flower gardens within its limits and is the community's focal point and a most enjoyable spot for picnics.
The bandstand has had Congressman Richard Neal appear and speak on it and has been filmed for the Congressional Library which was a proud moment for the town.
Lawrence R. Fountain, President
Wilbraham Nature & Cultural Center, Inc.
owners of Fountain Park

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