Wilmington Town Common
Built - 1977

Just north of Boston, the town of Wilmington's bandstand sits proudly at one end of their town common. The structure was built in 1977 and was a gift of the Wilmington High School's Class of 1977 after a drive for voluntary funds, materials and labor was successful raising the $3,500 needed for the idea of the gift becoming a reality.
After some discussion of whether the bandstand should be built in Rotary Park or Wilmington Common, the later won out due to Rotary Park having limited parking and a wetland problem. The bandstand is similar to the one in North Reading MA with minor modifications to the roof design and being a cement base for a sounder structure. The building is 8-sided approximartely 400 square feet in area. A new and imposing weathervane was affixed to the top which was designed by famous artist Linda Campos, a 1969 graduate of Wilmington High School. The black wrought iron weathervane boasts a Baldwin Apple on a tree and the number 1730, the date of the town's incorporation. The Baldwin Apple was first introduced in the town in the 1700s. It was donated to the gazebo committee by the Packet Landing Ironworks of West Barnstable Massachusetts.
During the summer of 1977, many volunteers gave their labor and donations of materials for the construction of the bandstand and on the July 4th celebration, which is a huge event normally for the town, the bandstand was dedicated. Many dignitaries attended and a band concert was given to the delight of the large crowd in attendance.
In 1991, then Governor Bill Weld visited Wilmington and took part in a fundraiser that was sponsored by the Wilmington Company of Minutemen for the refurbishment of the high school auditorium.
This may very well be Wilmington's 2nd bandstand but the date and location of the first is unknown but it is known that it did exist during World War 1.
Michael A. Caira, Town Manager

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