Memorial Field
Built - 1984

The town of Auburn dates back to the year 1837 when incorporated. It lies in an area where countless relics of the past have been found from colonial houses and cemeteries to museums which have been set up that contains many of these artifacts found. The town has grown residentially and commercially since it was founded and maintains a magnificent landscape of farmland and scenic views.
Auburn's bandstand does not have a name associated with it and is just known as the bandstand at Memorial Field next to the Auburn High School. The cost of the construction of the structure was donated by the local Rotary Club of Auburn. It has been used extensively for summer concerts and band programs as well as for Augh High School graduations.
In 2004, during the beginning of construction of a new Auburn High School, the roof and supports of the structure were separated from the base and moved to the Senior Center property located nearby. The base was then demolished during the construction and a new one took its place with the remainder of the structure being placed on this new base and will remain at its current location.
Ellen C. Gaboury, Town Clerk

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