Moses Curtis Park Gazebo
Moses Curtis Park
Built - 1976

Avon, Massachusetts is a quiet town located south of Boston and was first settled in 1700 when originally known as East Stoughton. 200 years later the people of the area disapproved of how they were treated and voted to separate and form their own town of Avon which was named for the River Avon in England and became officially incorporated in 1888. The town adopted a seal with the bust of William Shakespeare who was from Stratford-upon-Avon, England.
The town has its gazebo/bandstand situated in downtown Avon in Moses Curtis Park. Mr. Curtis was the individual who was the first settler in the town. The bandstand is a very striking structure with a pointed roof and intricate carpentry work done by hand when built in 1976 by skilled craftsmen - James H. Sullivan, Curtis Weir and Edward Oman. The bandstand also includes special jigs and custom designed roof trusses. It was built to beautify and help create the town's park reflecting the simple charm and beauty of Avon.
The bandstand not only serves as a useful purpose for the citizens of Avon for summer concerts, visits from Santa at Christmas time but is also a favorite sport for prom pictures.
The bandstand cost $5,000 to build in 1976 of which funds were appropriated through the town's special allocated funds.
Anne Cook, Library Technician

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