Bolton Bandstand
Bolton Green
Built - 1992

The town of Bolton is located just 15 miles east of Hartford, Connecticut. It is considered to be one of the oldest towns in the state having been incorporated in October of 1720 after the first settlers came to the area and originally naming the town in honor of their own home in Lancashire, England.
Originally that part of Connecticut was the hunting grounds of the Podunk Indians who left the area after the settlers came in who mostly set up farms in that area later renamed Bolton. Soon the manufacture of hats, cigars, and distilleries along with a gristmill were developed in town. Sometime later, the Bolton Quarry was established and soon sent "flags" of stone to Washington, Oklahoma, Baltimore and New Orleans.
The Bolton Bandstand is located in a large grassy area and was built in 1992 by Country Carpenters who also donated the material to the community to use as a focal point for future events. No problems were encountered in the building of the structure other than the land having some wet soils.
Each year the town sponsors concert series during the summer months along with carol singing in the winter and various other gatherings for the community or individual events.

Joyce M. Stille, Administrative Officer

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