Town Hall Gazebo
Town Hall Grounds
Built - 1985

West Bridgewater is a small and quiet residential town which borders Brockton and two major highways. Due to an abundance of land in the area, there has been an increase of commercial, warehouse and industrial activity over the years after the region had been strictly an agricultural one, but you can still find a few working farms which contributes to its scenic character.
Doris Haight, West Bridgewater's Town Administrator, received a sizeable donation from New England Telephone in 1985 after the town allowed them to put a communications box on town property. Mrs. Haight then got the idea that the town could best benefit from this amount by building a bandstand which the town did need and of which all residents could reap the benefits of. The building of the structure thus soon got underway being built by a Mr. David Thompson although some of the the town folk were against the money being used for this reason. Once the bandstand was completed though, they changed their minds when the first of many concerts were held in the cozy patch of land within eyesight of the town hall.
Every year the town has their annual summer band concert series with approximately 6 concerts rounding out the program. Also the bandstand has played host to a number of weddings and other photo opportunities. During the Christmas season, the bandstand is decorated with colored lights and other festive decorations.
Christopher D. Iannitelli, Superintendent
Forestry and Parks

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